Inflatable Cast Immobilizes Injured Area Within Seconds [Video]

Inflatable Cast Immobilizes Injured Area Within Seconds [Video]

A blow up stabilizing bandage can stabilize a broken bone, sprain, and heavy bleeding.

Yi Chen
  • 27 june 2012

When you have a major fall, it’s essential to not move the injured area at all to minimize further damages. Although a plaster cast immobilizes the site completely, it’s usually not readily available when the accident occurs. This is when the Multiprotector can help as it can be applied by anyone and anywhere. The inflatable cast can be blown up with a single straw to stabilize a broken bone, a sprain, or to stop bleeding.

The Multiprotector was created by the Japanese company Kinoshita, and is sold under the name Air Gibbs Suiha. The inflatable arm protector costs $47 while the leg-version retails for $65.Watch the video below to see how it works.


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