Infographic Packaging Shares Nutritional Breakdown With Images

Infographic Packaging Shares Nutritional Breakdown With Images

inFusion's tea packaging is colorful and expressive while also communicating to their customers the contents of their product.

Dylan Schenker
  • 4 june 2012

Infographics are, for the most part, a creative and aesthetically pleasing way of communicating information. It’s a means of both attracting attention to the subject matter while also making the most amount of information possible, manageable.

Often on product packaging the ingredients are relegated to a space on the back. A brand’s logo and the name of the product are front and center. Tea company, inFusion, has developed a series of package designs that use infographics to communicate what each of their teas are made of in a visually systematic but attractive way. Each tea package has a design unique to its nutritional contents and ingredients.Design becomes an extension of the product itself.

It uses a pictogram system that very simply expresses the values of each tea. Ingredients and nutritional facts becomes discrete aesthetic elements that can be combined to make a variety of different designs. They are collected and connected via a series of connected circles and lines which also include images of the ingredients themselves. It is a functionally expressive way of portraying the contents of each tea. Customers are better informed and attracted to the product being sold.


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