Grow An Herb Garden In A Hidden Kitchen Drawer [Pics]

Grow An Herb Garden In A Hidden Kitchen Drawer [Pics]
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A discrete hydroponic structure is able to hold up to 24 pot plants with built-in LED lights.

Yi Chen
  • 12 june 2012

The Hydroponic Kitchen Island includes a secret pull-out drawer where users can grow garden-variety herbs their in the kitchen without the need for tons of sunlight. Created by Peter Buley, the design includes two LED grow lights inside the compartment, and the discrete drawer can hold up to 24 small pot plants. When it’s closed, the Hydroponic Kitchen looks like any other kitchen bench.

Buley’s concept was first explored in 2010, and now the 2012 model is much more refined, modern, and sophisticated.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the design.

Peter Buley

[via Coree77]

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