Landor Creative Director: Design From The Consumer’s Perspective [Cannes]

Landor Creative Director: Design From The Consumer’s Perspective [Cannes]

Peter Knapp discusses how in order to understand a client or audience agencies might have to use non-traditional approaches from other disciplines like psychology or science.

Carib Guerra
  • 23 june 2012

For nearly two decades Peter Knapp been involved in brand direction projects across the globe and over various industries, always striving to deliver unparalleled consumer experiences in any market. In advance of the Landor Live workshop for the Cannes Lions Festival, PSFK spoke with Peter Knapp about how to let consumers engage with their brands.

Peter, you’re back at Cannes. How do you think the industry has changed over the last 12 months?

In 2011, only the fourth year for Cannes Design Lions, I was privileged enough to be a judge. Life inside the judging rooms required the 15 jury members to spend five 12 hour days reviewing 1774 projects submitted to compile a shortlist. Those that stood out told their stories concisely and more often than not visually so to avoid language translation concerns.

It’s a fair prediction that this year once again Ad agencies will flood every category/discipline with their work. What I would like to see is the Design industry really come into their own and be prepared to fight for recognition.

Is there a particular piece of work your agency has produced that reflects how Landor Associates is evolving?

This is the first year where we submitted a lot of work not done for clients. The type of work that really reflects Landor’s vision and connects our culture. For example, this year our team in Cincinnati has begun to brew and brand their own craft beer ‘Dockside Brew Company’ which has been well received by the design community and beer lovers alike. Additionally a team of our designers, who moonlight as members of a local band, Ohio Knife, traveled to SXSW to play at the festival and engage audiences by unleashing their creative genius.

In the London office we’ve been working with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. We created a branding and communications plan that resonates as strongly with the engineering establishment as with a fifteen-year-old girl considering her career options. The visual identity system allows us to modulate communications to be relevant across the board, across media and across borders.

The London 2012 Olympic Games is another theme running through Landor’s entries this year. The P&G 360 brand experience is going to be so impressive and make such an impact at the street level globally, we can’t wait to see the outcome.

And, of course, we’ve submitted some great work for brands like Worthington’s, Captain Morgan, DC Comics.

What is your workshop titled? What is it about? Why do you think it’s important?

The title of our session is “Landor Live: How to sell creative ideas in a creative way” It’s about the need to understand any audience or client, using various elements outside of our realm, for example the differences between right and left brain thinking, human psychology, change management, group thinking, and behavioral challenges.

The presentation will help strengthen the audience’s own presentation approach, by learning to understand which clients respond better to storytelling versus traditional presentations, for example, or how to make a client feel like they’ve initiated the “winning idea.”

Understanding what makes our clients tick, and how different clients benefit from different approaches, we believe, helps ensure the client-agency relationship is a good and productive one.

Thanks Peter!

Don’t miss the workshop to be lead by CEO of Landor Associates, Mary Zalla:

Landor Live: How To Sell A Creative Idea In A Creative Way

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