Sustainable Campsite Lets Visitors Sleep In Luxe Geodesic Domes

Sustainable Campsite Lets Visitors Sleep In Luxe Geodesic Domes
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Jeff Griffin of Loveland Farm has continued the development of his new wave 'hotel' by adding creative and comfortable sleep structures using green technologies.

Carib Guerra
  • 28 june 2012

The Loveland Farm, owned and operated by cult designer Jeff Griffin and his wife, Karina, opened its Southwest England hills and fields to campers in 2010. The Griffins had envisioned a creative place where people can come together around the dream of building a sustainable and fun social environment.

After two years of tents and campers, Loveland Farms will be offering their first built-up accommodations, geodesic dome structures called the Pods. While the Pods will maintain the self-sustainable, self-sufficient, ethos of Loveland Farms, guests will also have access to modern amenities such as a shower, kitchenette, and even wi-fi if desired. The king size bed sits on sturdy hardwood floors before a nostalgic wood burning stove, and visitors—who are encouraged to reserve one of only a few available Pods well in advance—can enjoy the unspoiled countryside in a truly luxurious, unique, and eco-friendly way.

In their designs, which have been particularly popular in Japan, Jeff and Karina have always sought out the best fabrics in the world. Because of this dedication to quality sourcing, Griffin has had a close connection to the supply chain for his materials. Working on the land at Loveland Farms has given him an even greater appreciation for the origins of materials, and this, in turn, has driven his determination to use only green technologies and concepts for the campsite’s development.

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