Map American Culture Through Simultaneous Radio Broadcasts Across The Country

Map American Culture Through Simultaneous Radio Broadcasts Across The Country

Merche Blasco and Lia Martinez explore the questions of music and culture with their interactive installation Rºad’io’’ that was part of NYU's ITP year end show.

Allie Walker
  • 9 june 2012

PSFK had the chance to check out NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) end-of-year show last month and came away with 10 innovative ideas that remap the communications landscape. Check out one of our picks below.

An exploration in the American cultural landscape, Rºad’io’’ is an interactive installation that literally uses the American landscape to map cultures by location. Merche Blasco and Lia Martinez created the work for their Spatial Media course at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and recently presented Rºad’io’’ at the ITP Spring Show. Users are asked to move a radio knob around a wooden map of the United States and listen to what is being broadcast in the area. A video camera hanging over over the map captures the location of the radio knob through community core vision, which then sends the position of the knob through OSC TUIO to Open Frameworks. Open Frameworks translate the coordinates into the selected city, and the streaming URL of the broadcast is then sent to VLC to be played. Check out a video of Rºad’io’’ in action below:

Merche Blasco / Lia Martinez

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