Metallic ‘Sponge’ Absorbs Carbon Dioxide To Combat Global Warming

Metallic ‘Sponge’ Absorbs Carbon Dioxide To Combat Global Warming
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Scientists have created a lattice-like structure that can soak up CO2.

Yi Chen
  • 18 june 2012

A collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the University of Newcastle, has resulted in a metal organic framework that is able to absorb CO2. The lab-made material is referred to as NOTT-202a and can be arranged in a lattice-like structure. It works like a sponge that can hold carbon dioxide, but other gases like nitrogen, methane and hydrogen can pass through.

The study was funded by ERC Advanced Grant COORDSPACE and by an EPSRC Programme Grant ChemEnSus. The project aims to find innovative solutions for environmental and chemical sustainability issues.

University of Nottingham

Photos courtesy of BBC News

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