NFC Payment Systems Could Radically Alter The Theme Park Experience

NFC Payment Systems Could Radically Alter The Theme Park Experience

Students at University College Antwerp have envisioned a contactless payment program for the country's largest amusement park.

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  • 5 june 2012

Product Development graduate students at the University College of Antwerp in Belgium designed a Near Field Communications (NFC) payment system specifically for theme parks and music festivals so people can pay for things like food and tickets more seamlessly.

The basic concept is that instead of replacing wireless technology all together, NFC would be more useful if it replaced analog technology like bank checks, tokens, keys, and tickets. The design is meant to help vendors take this step forward in providing an improved experience. The experience design seeks to collapse the digital wallet into different types of data that reflects traffic and transactions conducted:

This both enables optimizing staff utilization based on mapping of daily variations in workload and demand, and reducing payment fraud by only transferring digital money. Recording of the history and patterns of the visitors enable profiling and prediction of behavior and preferences. The visitor himself can keep track of his route and data such as fast-pass tickets and photo’s while browsing the interface.

The students, which include Coen Claassen, Isabelle De Nil, and Ward Vancoppenolle, are currently in negotiation talks with Belgium’s largest theme park.

University College of Antwerp

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