Etsy Posting Offers To Add Nicolas Cage Into Any Photo

Etsy Posting Offers To Add Nicolas Cage Into Any Photo

An artist based in Toronto will transform any personal photo into the famous actor within 2 hours for $12.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 june 2012

A Toronto-based artist is using Etsy to offer a strange service to customers rather than the usual selection of goods. For $12, you can use ‘Cagification‘ by Jazzberry Blue, which turns a photo of you into Nicolas Cage. The posting reads:

Have you ever wanted to look like Nicolas Cage..?
don’t be ashamed, i understand…

send me any photo via the contact button and i will turn you into Nic Cage within 2 hours. Neither you nor Mr Cage will be harmed in the process… you will receive the final JPEG in your inbox.

i dont want to do this, nor will i gain any personal satisfaction… im not some twisted nic cage fan, i dont even watch movies and i cant explain why he haunts my dreams…. i am doing this because i need 12$

Etsy Posting Offers To Turn You Into Nicolas Cage

For anyone who already looks like Nicolas Cage, the artist offers to make them look less like the actor for $6. Additional features like devilish eyes, a flying squirrel, black cat, or Christian Slater can be added to your photo for 99 cents each.


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