Where In NYC Were Famous Album Covers Shot?

Where In NYC Were Famous Album Covers Shot?

Using Google Maps, a new website aims to showcase the present locations on iconic albums produced and shot primarily in New York City.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 25 june 2012

If you’ve ever been curious as to where exactly in the world can you find Abbey RoadFolsom Prison, and many other iconic locations featured in some of the greatest albums of all time, then PopSpots, a website that aggregates locations juxtaposed with famous albums and pop culture references, is the site you’ve been waiting for. While primarily covering New York City, PopSpots attempts to chronicle interesting events and places that defined the history of pop culture, such as album cover shots, shoot locations of movies or television shows, and sites on which paintings were based, among others. PopSpots documents the exact spot where famous albums covers were shot by using coordinates and subsequently overlaying the album cover on the current spot.

After the Gold Rush by Neil Young

Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m., by Simon and Garfunkel

PopSpots NYC

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