Trove Of Original Polaroid SX-70 Cameras Now Available

Trove Of Original Polaroid SX-70 Cameras Now Available
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Classic models from the mid-70's are refurbished and released by Holga.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 8 june 2012

A large trove of one of the most popular cameras of all time, the Polaroid Model One series SX-70, was discovered by camera and lens shop Holga Direct. They couldn’t let such an opportunity slip by so are offering original, professionally refurbished cameras on their site for a pretty penny.

These cameras were manufactured between 1973 and 1975 and are considered a masterpiece of product design. The engineering innovations involved were meant to free the user from any tedium while taking pictures and remove barriers between photographer and subject. They really don’t make consumer products like this anymore.

One-time Polaroid executive Peter C. Wensberg on the development of the SX-70 in his 1987 book Land’s Polaroid:

The camera was to include revolutionary optics and a complete set of photonic controls, some of which had not yet been invented….Each required process machinery that was yet to be conceived, built, and installed by Polaroid engineers….The SX-70 program was so complex and so extended the boundaries of half a dozen technologies that those who worked on it had difficulty in stretching their faith and their optimism beyond the piece of the whole on which their own energies were concentrated.

Check out the 70’s orientation video for the SX-70 below, it’s a classic:


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