Shirt Lets You Stand In The Rain For Hours Without Getting Wet [Pics]

Shirt Lets You Stand In The Rain For Hours Without Getting Wet [Pics]
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Outlier’s new Supermarine Rain Shirt looks like a casual shirt and is breathable, highly water resistant and completely windproof.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 june 2012

Performance fashion retailer Outlier offers an innovative shirt that “shelters you from the storm yet is light enough to wear even when the sun’s out.” The Supermarine Rain Shirt is breathable, highly water resistant, and completely windproof. A complex weave of 100% cotton fibers swells up and seals when exposed to water, locking out the moisture.

The Supermarine cotton is sourced from Italy and is an updated version of a fabric invented by the British in World War II to keep their pilots alive in the North Sea if they got shot down. It was also later used by the British Navy and in Antarctic exploration. This version is lighter and treated with a premium durable water resistance (DWR) that isn’t wax-based. Outlier says it isn’t waterproof by government standards but you can stay dry for hours in the rain wearing it. Click through to see pictures of the rain shirt:

To learn more about Outlier, check out Co-Founder Abe Burmeisters’s PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012 talk.


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