Pop-Up Concierge Brings Luxury Hotel’s Brand Experience To Tribeca Film Festival

Pop-Up Concierge Brings Luxury Hotel’s Brand Experience To Tribeca Film Festival

The Conrad Hotel surprised their Twitter followers with gifts to help enhance their festival experience.

Allie Walker
  • 1 june 2012

The Tribeca Film Festival is a huge, 12-day long event with an even bigger cachet- heralded as one of the most esteemed international film festivals in the world, the 2012 festival attracted an estimated 380,000 people. The highly touted event featured 400 screenings of nearly 150 films. Brands line up to reach the festival’s ‘audience of entertainment savvy tastemakers; engaged consumers with high disposable income’– the 2012 festival attracted an impressive 60 sponsors.

Conrad Hotels set out to stand out from the other 59 sponsors of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. The brand prides itself on being a luxury hotel that gives every guest a personalized VIP experience, and as the official hotel partner of the festival, they needed to find a way that seamlessly promoted and extended their brand messaging of personalized luxury to festival goers. Together with Edelman, Conrad Hotels decided that the best way to highlight their service-oriented brand was to create a ‘pop-up concierge’ that would provide the same level of personalized VIP service to anyone attending a screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Just like a concierge at any Conrad Hotel, the ‘pop-up concierge’ would provide any attendee with anything they requested.

Anyone who was following @conradhotels and tweeted the account with a request and the Tribeca Film Festival’s hashtag of #tff was eligible for a visit from the ‘concierge.’ Edelman’s Social Intelligence Command Center (SICC) in Chicago analyzed and managed the tweets sent to the account, determining which fan the pop-up concierge team should visit next and what they should bring them. The on-ground pop-up concierge team members took whiteboards with the twitter follower’s handle to the determined location- upon finding the tweeting fan, the pop-up concierge team gave them what they had requested- anything from tickets to film screenings and umbrellas to Hilton Honors Gift Cards and Juice Packs for their dying phones.

Conrad Hotels provided 328 tailored concierge experiences in just 4 days to Tribeca Film Festival attendees. The promotion generated so much buzz that within the 1st day of the festival, Conrad Hotels captured 10% of all Tribeca Film Festival conversations on Twitter- clearly standing out with festival attendees with their unique approach to making sure everyone was treated like a movie star.

Watch a film below of the ‘pop-up concierge’ in action (and get jealous of the winning fans!):

Conrad Hotels

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