‘Stick’ Humidifier Only Needs A Cup Of Water To Work

‘Stick’ Humidifier Only Needs A Cup Of Water To Work

A recent innovation unveiled at the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo event is a portable humidifier that only needs to be placed in a small water source to increase humidity in an enclosed space.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 20 june 2012

One of the interesting highlights in the recent Interior Lifestyle Tokyo show is a portable humidifier designed by Yusuke Fujigaya and Kazuhiro Yamamoto, straightforwardly named the “Stick Humidifier.” Unlike bulky traditional humidifiers that come in box-like forms, the stick humidifier does not need a tank and only needs to be partly submerged underwater for it to run. Its portable nature allows it to be used in just about any place you need a dash of humidity–may it be an office, car, or airplane.

Images by Moco Loco

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