Portable Lunchbox Steams Food At Worker’s Desks

Portable Lunchbox Steams Food At Worker’s Desks
Design & Architecture

The Bento encourages workers to think of healthy alternative lunch options besides fast food.

Yi Chen
  • 19 june 2012

Vim & Vigor is a design office in New York that has created the Bento to encourage healthier eating. The appliance is a lunchbox and steamer, and allows users to prepare their food at work. The Bento includes stackable compartments where items that need to be fully cooked goes on the bottom, closer to the heat source, while vegetables can go at the top. The user simply needs to plug in the appliance and the built-in timer will automatically switch on to ensure a hot, cooked meal is ready at lunchtime.

V&V explained that the idea behind the Bento is to get workers to start thinking about alternative hot food lunches besides fried or fast food. Although currently it’s still a concept, Partner Irina Kozlovskaya states that, “We welcome any manufacturing partners interested in making Bento a reality!”


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