Reality TV Show Plans To Put Humans On Mars By 2022 [Video]

Reality TV Show Plans To Put Humans On Mars By 2022 [Video]

An ambitious project that will attempt to colonize the Red Planet.

Yi Chen
  • 7 june 2012

A Dutch reality TV startup company called Mars One hopes to colonize the Red Planet with human settlement by 2023. As explained on its website, Mars One will send a crew of four people to embark on a seven-month flight to Mars in 2022. Every two years, a new team will join them to live on Mars and grow the colony.

Dr. Gerard t’ Hooft, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, approves of the concept and stated that, “This is an extraordinary project by people with vision, and imagination.”

Mars One will begin its rigorous selection process next year to identify suitable participants in its program. The selected candidates will go through training for ten years to prepare them for life on Mars.

Watch the video below to decide for yourself if the project is feasible or not:

Mars One


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