Robot DJ Picks Songs Based On Users Clapping The Rhythm [Video]

Robot DJ Picks Songs Based On Users Clapping The Rhythm [Video]

The speaker device can also dance to the music and uses facial recognition to point its speakers towards the listener.

Yi Chen
  • 29 june 2012

Searching for a song on your smartphone but don’t know the name or artist? Now you can simply clap or tap out the tune and this mini robot will analyze your phone’s music library and play the song that best matches the beats. The gadget called Shimi was created by Gil Weinberg, Director from the Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology.

Shimi is a one-foot-tall robot DJ with built-in speakers and facial recognition camera. It can detect where the listener is and point the speakers towards him/her for optimal sound. Once a song is selected, Shimi is able to bop along to the music and tap its feet.

Watch the video below to see how Shimi works:

Gil Weinberg


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