Restaurant Offers Futuristic Dining Experience With Fully Robotic Staff

Restaurant Offers Futuristic Dining Experience With Fully Robotic Staff

China’s automated restaurant houses robots that are capable of serving customers, cooking, and cleaning.

Alice Chan
  • 29 june 2012

A restaurant located in Harbin, China has recently adopted a full robotic staff to serve its customers. This robot-friendly restaurant features 18 different robots that are capable of doing everything from cooking to serving. Equipped with motion detectors, these innovative new workers are capable of expressing ten different facial expressions and able to converse in basic Chinese. Once a diner walks in, an “usher robot” directs him to an empty booth while reciting a clever greeting: ‘Earth Person, Hello, Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.’

Depending on what the customers order, cooking robots such as the “dumpling robot” and “noodle robot” gets to cooking. And finally, when the dish is prepared, a robot waiter, which runs along tracks on the floor, carries it from kitchen to table.

Designed by Harbin Haohai Robot Company, the robotic dining experience costs approximately 5 million Yuan (about US$800,000). Take a look at the Robot Restaurant below.

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