Robotic Arm Lets The Disabled Feed Themselves Using Eye-Tracking

Robotic Arm Lets The Disabled Feed Themselves Using Eye-Tracking

An automated feeding tool that lets users select the food they want to eat simply by looking at it.

Yi Chen
  • 18 june 2012

The iCRAFT is short for ‘Eye-Controlled Robotic Arm Feeding Technology’ and was designed by a team of electrical and engineering students at the Northeastern University. The tool would allow disabled people or the elderly to feed themselves by utilizing eye-tracking technology.

Users simply have to gaze at the food in front of the them and the robotic arm will then scoop the content from the bowl and feed it to the person. iCRAFT can easily attach a spoon to the end of the gadget in order to work. The device even works when there is more than one bowl in front of the user, as long as the user’s eyes are focused on one specific bowl.

Furthermore, the technology could cost around $800 if it’s mass-produced, compared to similar devices that can be up to $6,000. Although iCRAFT by no means replaces physical help from carers, the gadget could assist in simplifying the feeding process.

Photo courtesy of Engadget


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