Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

The indoor garden conserves energy and space while providing a large output.

Yi Chen
  • 4 june 2012

The Green Wheel is a futuristic-looking planter created by DesignLibero. The product provides a solution for people to grow plants and herbs indoors where there’s limited space and lighting. The rotating garden wheel was originally a concept that NASA came up with in the 1980s. NASA needed a hydroponic system to provide astronauts with a constant supply of fresh salads to maintain proper nutrition.

The rotating appliance is eco-friendly, and as the plants are arranged around the light source, it consumes less energy. DesignLibero explains that, “The Gravity’s effect helps to optimize herbs and vegetables production.” As the wheel spins, the system automatically irrigates the plants. The Green Wheel can hold up to eight-feet of plants and its roots.

The Green Wheel

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