Scratch-And-Sniff Guide Captures The Distinct Scents Of New York City

Scratch-And-Sniff Guide Captures The Distinct Scents Of New York City
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Anyone who has visited NYC knows the city is full of distinct smells; 'New York, Phew York!' attempts to catalog them as a different type of guide to navigating the neighborhoods of the city.

Allie Walker
  • 26 june 2012

Step off a plane into New York City, and your senses are immediately bombarded- Bright Lights! Busy, Loud Streets! And smells… oh the smells. Almost as distinctive as the famous landmarks tourists flock to see are the smells of New York City- both the good and the bad. The scent of hot dogs wafts through Times Square thanks to the ubiquitous food carts, and horse drawn carriages in Central Park leave behind the sticky smell of manure.

To memorialize these scents, hotel concierge Amber Jones created the scratch-and-sniff book, New York, Phew York!. In the book, a helpful concierge helps guide a young boy and his family to the best spots around the city. The family visits 19 different neighborhoods, experiencing 30 distinct smells that characterize the different areas:

You see I hold the key to the places to see; The best shows and cafes, and stuff to do that’s for free! But you can’t DO New York, without smelling it’s smells; From pizza to hot dogs, to those sewer expels. Smells of bagels and lox, and garbage stuffed trucks, Because summer to winter, these smells are in flux. Visiting 5 boroughs and 19 neighborhoods in between, With 30 different smells including Central Park’s Green. The perfect guide to New York with your own front row seat, You’ll follow your nose while you follow your feet.

The book is the first scratch-and-sniff guide to NYC, and although not all of the smells are pleasant, Jones included them to give an honest portrayal of the city. Illustrated by children’s book artist Tim Probert, the colorful pages capture the quintessential sights of New York City while providing an interactive, entertaining experience that delights more than just the eyes. New York, Phew York! is available for $34.00 here– a perfect way to remember the sights and smells of the city!

New York, Phew York!

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