Mask Lulls Wearer To Sleep With Lights & Music That Mimic Brain Waves

Mask Lulls Wearer To Sleep With Lights & Music That Mimic Brain Waves
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The NeuroDreamer sleep mask guides your brainwaves into a pattern of rest by recreating the same frequencies that naturally appear as you fall asleep.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 june 2012

San Francisco-based hacker and inventor Mitch Altman has created an open source sleep mask that uses fading lights and ambient music, recreating the same brainwaves that appear as a person falls asleep. The NeuroDreamer sleep mask helps their brain ‘shut off’ by using the body’s natural mechanisms to guide them into rest.

The brainwave frequencies are produced using binaural beats embedded within soothing music and synchronized with fading lights. These are generated by the mask’s microcontroller, which is concealed inside the memory foam. The NeuroDreamer sleep mask features a washable soft cotton cover and can be used whenever and wherever you want to get some quality rest. This could be on a plane, on a work break, or at night in your own bed. Altman is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to manufacture the first 3,000 sleep masks, and you can order one for a pledge of $90.


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