Smart Jug Can Detect Spoilt Milk & Notify User Via Text

Smart Jug Can Detect Spoilt Milk & Notify User Via Text

An everyday container gets reinvented with added high-tech features.

Yi Chen
  • 7 june 2012

Milkmaid is a unique home appliance that was a concept winner for the GE and Quirky contest. Referred to as the ‘smart milk jug,’ Milkmaid is embedded with high-tech features such as sensors, GSM radio module, antenna, SIM card and rechargeable battery. The jug can notify the user via SMS when the content is low, or has gone bad.

The device hopes to also launch an app that connects wirelessly to the Milkmaid and can provide users with instant stats about the milk, such as temperature, expiration date, and how much milk is left. The app can also suggest recipes for regular and spoiled milk, and allow users to re-order milk via online grocery delivery services.

Product development company, Quirky, has just finished with the design and engineering phase of the working prototype. If there is a demand for the product, then Milkmaid could be made available to purchase.

Check out the video below to see the technology in action:

via GE Reports

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