Boxee's New service, Cloudee lets users upload media, put them in folders, and choose which family members or friends can view them.

NYC-based startup Boxee has launched a new service called Cloudee that lets users upload and share personal videos in the cloud. It provides people with an easy way to keep videos and share them with friends and family. You can upload directly from your phone to Cloudee and then watch the videos from anywhere. You can also easily share videos with people on Cloudee or in your address book, either privately or amongst a group, retaining full control of who gets to watch them.

Cloudee lets you organize videos into collections like trips, concerts, and parties, and create collaborative collections that others can contribute to. You can send videos via email and text, post less private videos on Facebook or Twitter, and watch your videos anywhere in the world on a phone, tablet, computer or TV. The current version of Cloudee is an invite-only beta for the iPhone and requires a Facebook account to sign up.

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