Creatives Sign Up For Strategy ‘Boot Camp’ To Brainstorm For AIDS Nonprofit

Creatives Sign Up For Strategy ‘Boot Camp’ To Brainstorm For AIDS Nonprofit

Advertising firm, Sid Lee, gathered a crack team of professionals in different areas of expertise to imagine and design the future of the global organization (RED).

Carib Guerra
  • 8 june 2012

The Sid Lee Boot Camp was a collaboration between the Sid Lee advertising firm and the AIDS organization (RED). The two companies got together to choose eight creative professionals from different countries and fields such as architecture, graphic and industrial design, and advertising, and were tasked with generating an innovative public awareness campaign for (RED) that would draw on each of the participants specializations in order to maximize the brand’s reach across modern audiences and platforms.

After 240 consecutive hours spent brainstorming ideas for potential events, products, and promotions meant to generate awareness for the nonprofit, and funds toward (RED)’s goal of erradicating AIDS in Africa, the program participants presented their experimental campaign to (RED) CEO, Deborah Dugan, at the C2-MTL conference in May.

A representative of Sid Lee, who curated the event, commented on the concept behind The Boot Camp:

The Boot Camp is an exercise in creation that adheres strictly to the multidisciplinary method developed by Sid Lee for its clients, which is deployed in its purest form of expression. Because society is becoming increasingly complex and is evolving faster than ever, organizations must promote experimentation to find solutions to the challenges they face. The Boot Camp, and the soon-to-be Sid Lee Innovation Studio, are commercial offerings whose goal is to respond to this situation.

The Sid Lee Boot Camp

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