Artists And Celebs To Transform NYC Water Towers Into Street Art

Artists And Celebs To Transform NYC Water Towers Into Street Art
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An innovative Kickstarter project aims to highlight the importance of our most precious resource, water, by commissioning famous New Yorkers to use the rooftop tanks as a canvas for their art.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 13 june 2012

Beginning in Spring 2013 The Water Tank Project hopes to transform New York City’s water tanks into open air art pieces. They public landmarks will serve as a canvas for artists, musicians, scientists, and public school students to create works that raise awareness about fresh water scarcity. It will literally alter the NYC skyline and bring huge visibility to an important issue in an innovative and open manner.

This landmark public art initiative is the first time the city of New York has allowed anyone to alter the tanks. At twelve feet high and thirteen feet in diameter, the tanks can been seen all over the city and allow a huge surface for creative projects. Artists such as Jeff Koons, Andy Goldsworthy, Jay-Z, Ellen Gallagher, Devendra Banhart and Bruce Weber will donate original works which will be scanned and printed on a vinyl material that will be installed on selected tanks. The Project is also hosting an open call for submissions in the coming weeks.

The Water Tank Project just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million to fund this great initiative, and Whole Foods also donated 5% of all sales on March 1st towards the cause. It reminds us of the urban concept that placed NYC schools on top of skyscrapers to highlight their importance.

Watch their Kickstarter video below, and head on over to their campaign site if you’d like to see this become a reality.

The Water Tank Project

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