Take Instagram Pictures Directly From Your Glasses?

Take Instagram Pictures Directly From Your Glasses?

A bold concept aims to create a more seamless way to capture photos and upload them to the image sharing network.

Plus Aziz
  • 25 june 2012

‘Instaglasses’ is a concept by German Designer Markus Gerke. His design concept proposes the ability to take an Instagram picture directly from a pair of sunglasses. The eyewear gadget would incorporate greater functionality and popular technology into sunglasses in an even more seamless way. Users would simply press the Instagram icon on the front of the glasses, and change the filter by scrolling on the frames, posting instantly to Instagram without the need for a smartphone.

We’d love to see this concept taken a step further where the glasses would capture the world with Instagram filters in video format. Although Instagram hasn’t ventured into video, this would be a unique way for them to disrupt their marketplace once again.

Markus Gerke

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