Take A Picture With This Camera Simply By Blinking

Take A Picture With This Camera Simply By Blinking

Equipped with biometric technology, an exciting camera concept can be controlled and customized by a user's eyes.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 26 june 2012

Mimi Zou
, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, pays tribute to the human eye–from which the first camera lens were modeled after–by creating a unique camera concept that can be controlled by blinking and squinting one’s eyes. Zou’s “Iris Camera”is equipped with biometric technology that identifies people by looking at their unique iris signatures. If a user’s iris is properly identified, the camera will load the user’s preferred camera settings, such as screen display, aperture, grain (ISO), and other settings. Users may also zoom in and out through the Iris Camera by using or widening their eyelids. Finally, to take a snapshot, you simply have to hold your gaze on a particular subject and blink twice.

Watch the Iris camera concept in action in the video below:

Mimi Zou

Images by Dezeen


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