Sculptor Transforms Vintage Radios Into Functional Amplifiers [NY Design Week 2012]

Sculptor Transforms Vintage Radios Into Functional Amplifiers [NY Design Week 2012]
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Jinsheng Wang completes his three year series of designs based on music and vintage sound equipment at this year's ICFF.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 2 june 2012

The sculptor/designer Jinsheng Wang has impressed us for the past two years at ICFF, showcasing designs that incorporate vintage sound equipment as tools to tell a story. In 2010, the sculptor/designer caught our eye when he converted turntables into fountains and zen rock gardens, and in 2011, we marveled at his ‘Gypsy Wheel,’ a speaker system made from salvaged objects. At the recent 2012 ICFF, we caught Wang’s 3rd and final collection of the series, architecture models made from working, vintage radios:

Part three’s concept is based on amplifiers or rather volume and the impact of the lyricism of daily experiences being heard.  The tubes in the old radios remind me of lighthouses and the sea– the place where rivers empty themselves.  Therefore, these three converted amplifiers symbolize the Nile, the Mississippi and Yang Xi Rivers. They run their course peacefully or aggressively down towards the ocean shaped by river melodies which are heard in the nearby fields.

Each of the pieces are fully functional and deliver sound though speakers mounted in their bases. Each installment in the series draws heavily from the design of the original equipment– turntables, found objects, and vintage radios- equipment that is now antiquated in the digital era. The vintage feel of the pieces give the designs a unique character and Wang’s vision has created new meaning for these old gadgets.

Scroll through the images below for more pictures of the vintage radios:

Wang, Jinsheng’s Studio

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