Build A Working Cellphone Out Of Wood

Build A Working Cellphone Out Of Wood
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MIT Media Lab has introduced a ‘DIY Cellphone’ kit that shows anyone how to create their own device for $150.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 june 2012

MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech Group has created and shared a ‘DIY Cellphone’ kit that lets anyone build their own phone. It combines a custom electronic circuit board with a laser-cut plywood and veneer case, with flexures that allow you to press the buttons. The phone accepts a standard SIM card and works with any GSM provider. It has a color 1.8″ 160×128 pixel TFT screen and supports voice calls. SMS and other functionality could also be added with the same hardware.

How To Build A Working Cellphone Out Of Wood

The prototype costs around $150 for the parts and the design files are available from the damellis/cellphone repository on GitHub. They hope this prototype will help introduce individuality and customization into cellphone design:

By creating and sharing open-source designs for the phone’s circuit board and case, we hope to encourage a proliferation of personalized and diverse mobile phones. Freed from the constraints of mass production, we plan to explore diverse materials, shapes, and functions. We hope that the project will help us explore and expand the limits of do-it-yourself (DIY) practice.

DIY Cellphone

Photos by David Mellis

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