World’s Most Expensive Billboard Features Flying Jetpack And Pyrotechnics

World’s Most Expensive Billboard Features Flying Jetpack And Pyrotechnics

An interactive campaign in Dubai features a pilot actually flying around the ad with a jetpack, for a whopping US$1.3 billion a month.

Alice Chan
  • 15 june 2012

Go Fast!, a global energy drink company, teams up with Skydive Dubai to create the world’s most expensive billboard. To promote the new energy drink, the billboard features a jetpack pilot who is hired to fly around the giant sign. As part of the billboard’s launch, the pilot flew for about 30 seconds with pyrotechnics strapped to his feet. The jetpack is now strapped to the billboard on display for the remainder of its residency atop the entrance of the stunning Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.  If the jetpack act for the billboard were to have continued for a month, it would have cost approximately US$1.3 Billion.

Commenting on the Skydive Dubai’s association with Go Fast for the billboard, Mr. Nasser Al Neyadi, Chairman of Skydive Dubai, said:

This is an epic moment, and we are very proud to be part of it. This initiative is another example showcasing Dubai as a world leader in innovation and technology. The billboard came into being with a simple idea that has transformed into an exceptional event to attract a global audience.

Go Fast! is not a stranger to extreme stunts. The Red Bull competitor have used jetpacks in the past, including setting a Guinness-certified world record for “farthest distance flown with a rocket belt” in 2008. Watch all the jetpack action in the video below.

Go Fast!

Skydive Dubai


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