Yahoo! Insights Guru On How Moms Are Using Technology [Cannes]

Yahoo! Insights Guru On How Moms Are Using Technology [Cannes]

Lauren Weinberg, the VP of Research and Insights at Yahoo!, explains how the Internet can provide tools to create more meaningful family moments.

Allie Walker
  • 23 june 2012

Lauren Weinberg, VP, Research & Insights, of Yahoo!, revealed findings yesterday at Cannes Lions Festival from the new ‘Brave New Moms: Navigating Technology’s Impact on Family Time’  study from Yahoo! in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group. The year-long, global, study detailed the impact of technology on the average mom and how moms are embracing technological change to create more meaningful moments for the family. PSFK spoke with Lauren about the key findings of the study and what it means for marketers:

Lauren, you’re at Cannes for the first time. How do you think the online advertising industry has changed in the last 12 months? 

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing in the online advertising industry is an increased focus on data and analysis. Marketers are hungry for information about what their audiences do online and how they’re responding to ads.  At the same time, it’s not always easy to navigate with massive amounts of data, so, in order to be meaningful, that data needs to be combined with insights so marketers understand how to activate on the findings. We’re seeing brands put dollars toward solutions that give them deeper insights based on data in order to get clear, measureable results that will help inform their online advertising purchasing decisions and ultimately, increase their ROI.

How do you think the Internet has changed for regular consumers during that time?

There are several ways the Internet has changed for consumers over the last year. The biggest change is probably how consumers access the Internet. We’ve seen increases in the number of consumers coming to Yahoo! from mobile and tablet devices. As a result of this change, we see consumers wanting to snack on content.  Additionally, consumers are increasingly social and are seeking out experiences that help connect them to network of friends and family. Similarly, as consumers are spending more time online, their expectations around those experiences is increasing—they are demanding higher-quality content, clean user experiences and easy navigation.

Yesterday, you gave a talk on “Brave New Moms: Navigating Technology’s Impact on Family Time” – what were your key points?

What was most interesting about this study is that moms are aware of both the opportunities and challenges that result from constantly being plugged in, and they are struggling to find a way to create moments that are memorable and lasting for their families, as opposed to just running down to-do lists. This study goes a long way toward helping us understand the importance of creating and capturing meaningful family time. As moms shift away from efficiency and towards meaning, there are ample opportunities for brands to help enable moms to find these meaningful family moments.

 What should agencies and marketers do to meet the new ways families are interacting with technology?

The study identified the building blocks of family time as well as the specific needs moms have expressed within those family times. In order to help moms get the meaningful family time she’s craving, marketers should think about where it makes the most sense for their brands to play a role in moms’ lives. Additionally, brands can really enable moms to focus less on efficiency and more on meaning by taking the focus off of their messaging around speed and efficiency.

Thanks Lauren!

Read the full study below:

Brave New Moms: Navigating Technology’s Impact on Family Time

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