Zero Carbon Furniture Inspired By Woven Baskets [Pics]

Zero Carbon Furniture Inspired By Woven Baskets [Pics]
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Each striking item is created from recycled wood products.

Yi Chen
  • 19 june 2012

Korean designer, Seung-Yong Song, has created a series of furniture items that are inspired by traditional woven basket forms. The simple yet attractive forms are created using a CNC process to ensure that each shape is cut precisely.

The Dami Collection uses an environmentally sustainable material called Valchromat, an organically-colored wood fiber board. The wood is put together from various recycled sources, such as forest waste, residue from timber mills, and recycled pine wood. The manufacturing process of making these furniture pieces is also eco-friendly and has zero carbon emissions.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the intricate designs:

Dami Collection

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