3D Printed MP3 Player Reinvents The ‘Mixtape’

3D Printed MP3 Player Reinvents The ‘Mixtape’

A retro looking casette tape is an actual portable music player that connects to a user's computer via the USB port.

Jeremy D. Williams
  • 31 july 2012

The classic ‘mixtape’ has received a digital update with the help of 3D printing and MP3s. Makerbot, winner of the Popular Science ‘Product of The Future’ award, has released the ‘Mixtape,’ an easy to use MP3 player. All you have to do is plug the Mixtape into your computer via USB and create your own mix of the music you love. John Dimatos, head of MakerBot Applications, commented:

Before CDs and digital music, offering someone a mixtape was a way to show them that you cared enough to hand-craft a gift. Our Mixtape revitalizes that idea.

The Mixtape looks like the 80s lost classic just with an added headphone jack and three extra buttons that allow you reset, play/pause and skip your music forward or backward. The Mixtape player also includes 2GB of memory, 4 hours of rechargeable battery life and it can also be used to store and transfer any files from computer to computer. MakerBot gives DIYers an option to assemble the Mixtape kit at home using MakerBot’s Replicator personal 3D printer. Or if you don’t own the Replicator, you can have MakerBot deliver the Mixtape player from their Brooklyn studio to your front door.

Check out the video below to see how it works:


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