Charting 50 Years Of James Bond Design [Videos]

Charting 50 Years Of James Bond Design [Videos]

Arts center embraces the importance of design to the success of the 50 year old British franchise.

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  • 9 july 2012

The Barbican is a UK-based arts center that spotlights creativity. They’re currently running a museum exhibition celebrating 50 years of design and style in Bond films, covering everything from interiors and costumes to vehicles and promotional posters.

It’s easy to see why The Barbican decided to highlight this cornerstone of pop culture. Bond movies catapult celebrities to the forefront of fashion, men’s fashion specifically. While it’s partially an organic process, this impact is intentionally caused by the design work that goes into the movies before production. The character consistently encapsulates not only what it means to be a man at the time of the movie release, but also bears implications on the direction men’s fashion and design takes well after the movie screenings are over.

Those not in London before September 5th can get a peek of the exhibit with two videos posted below titled ‘Designing Bond’s Look’ and ‘Designing Bond’s World.’

The Barbican

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