Klagenfurt created a new project putting scannable stickers around relevant locations allowing users to download digital content.

The Austrian city of Klagenfurt doesn’t have a library, so 70 stickers with QR codes and NFC chips were placed in different locations, allowing users to download e-books from public domain services. This initiative, known as Project Ingeborg, aims to highlight the uses of this technology, legally distribute digital content, and draw attention to excessive delays in copyright and the fact that the city has no library.

Initially, 70 literary classics whose copyrights have expired are available to download. These works are often placed in a relevant location, so you can find Arthur Schnitzler's The Killer near the police station and Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Everyman at the cathedral. Engadget reports that the group is hoping to release instructions that would allow others to replicate their system soon.

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