Can Big Box Retailers Create A More Personal Shopping Experience? [Future Of Retail]

Can Big Box Retailers Create A More Personal Shopping Experience? [Future Of Retail]

PSFK explores the future of large scale stores in this illustrated scenario featured in the latest Future of Retail report.

Matt Sabourin
  • 28 july 2012

In PSFK’s latest Future of Retail report, we present several use-case scenarios that showcase a potential future retail experience for different business verticals.  Leveraging the trends uncovered during our research, the PSFK Consulting team have illustrated ways that these trends might manifest in the near future. The following illustrated scenario is one of five featured in our latest report and shows how big-box retailers can create more personalized, curated and authentic retail experiences beginning even before the customer arrives at the store and that continue even after a purchase has been made.

Big- Box Store Provides New Reason To Visit

How can physical retailers use value-added experiences to mitigate the effects of ‘showrooming’ and other uses of the mobile phone in-store?

1. John needs a new home-theater system, but doesn’t know the first thing about buying electronics. He uses a big-box retailer’s mapping app on his video game system to 3D scan his living room.

2. John has selected opt-in location settings with a special app so that when he arrives at the store his mobile device will notify a specialist. The specialist automatically receives John’s 3D room scan on his tablet and is able to see that John is interested in buying a home-theater system.

3. Using an in-store adjustable room, the specialist is able to loosely replicate John’s living room based on the 3D scans from his game system. Once the room is set to the proper dimensions, a projection of the 3D scan is overlaid on the room’s bare walls, making the room feel more like home.

4. While in the adjustable room, the specialist shows the best location for each of the surround sound speakers as well as the optimal position and height of the TV.

5. At home, John installs the system with the help of a live video feed of the specialist showing him where to install the speakers based on the positions agreed upon while in the store.

A summary of the Future of Retail report is available to view for free – and a download of the full 100 page document can be ordered today.


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