BMW Crashes Through Giant Balloons To Demonstrate Speed

BMW Crashes Through Giant Balloons To Demonstrate Speed

Ad uses slow-motion photography to depict the automaker's vehicle as a bullet.

Plus Aziz
  • 5 july 2012

In order to demonstrate the speed of BMW’s M5 sedan, BMW Canada teamed up with Cundari, Canada’s largest independent communications company, to shoot the car at 2,500 frames per second using a Phantom Flex camera.

According to an interview with Chief Creative Officer Brent Choi, Fast.Co quotes him as saying that:

To ensure we had the most visually spectacular slow motion sequences possible, we actually filmed multiple takes of each moment of impact–destroying a number of oversized objects in the process… Art only comes to life when people discuss it and engage with it.

The commercial is an impressive ad that frames the car as a “bullet” crashing through various obstacles, consequently creating slow-motion art as it blasts past an apple made of glass, giant hanging balloons, and a bullseye.

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