Chewable Toothbrush Keeps Teeth Clean On-The-Go

Chewable Toothbrush Keeps Teeth Clean On-The-Go

With no need for toothpaste or water, the Rolly Brush is a rubber tablet that makes oral hygiene easy and convenient.

Alice Chan
  • 19 july 2012

Rolly Brush is a chewable, portable mint-flavored toothbrush that does not require water. This tiny rubber disc, covered in 276 spiky bristles, contains flouride and xylitol that helps you clean your pearly whites as you chew. The different-length bristles reaches between teeth and stimulates gums, while the mint flavor is released to freshen your breath.

According to the maker, Modern Gent, the Rolly Brush is “convenient, effective and discreet” way to clean your teeth. The Rolly Brush retails at around US$1 per piece and is available online. Watch an introductory video of this toothbrush on-the-go below.

Rolly Brush

Image credit via: Lauren Drodgers


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