Group Responds To Hackers By Showing Them How To Do It Better

Group Responds To Hackers By Showing Them How To Do It Better

Israeli art students redesign hacked websites to combat cyber-terrorism and send a creative message to Arab hacker groups, rather than overtake them.

Jeremy D. Williams
  • 20 july 2012

Israel is under constant cyber attacks by Arab hacker groups, and each month dozens of websites are replaced with anti-Israeli web pages. In response to the attacks, a group of students from the HaBezefer School of Advertising and Arts in Israel and advertising agency, McCann Tel Aviv have created an initiative to end all cyber wars. The project entitled, “Hackers, Cheer Up,” aims to make cyber-terrorism more cheerful and it’s tagline reads, “If you can’t fight them, Redesign them.” Both parties understand they can’t end cyber-terrorism, but they noticed that these hacker groups use the same poorly designed template in their website designs. Graphic design students collected 50 hacked websites, redesigned those web pages and sent the new designs back to the hackers with a message:

 We the students of HaBetzefer School of Advertising and Arts, would like to end all cyber wars between Israel and Arab nations. If you find that hard to do, let’s make the first step together. The next time you hack into an Israeli website, please use this more cheerful design we created especially for you and your hacking group.


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