Art Exhibition Features Work Crowdsourced By Tweets

Art Exhibition Features Work Crowdsourced By Tweets

Illustration agency provides inspiration to artists by gathering ideas from Twitter.

Plus Aziz
  • 18 july 2012

“Wallpaper coming to life in a dolls house.” “Inside the mind of Stanley Kubrick.” “Illustrate 140 characters.” These are some of the tweets that generated artwork at ‘Tweet-A-Brief’ Handsome Frank‘s recent exhibition in London.

The illustration agency asked for illustrative briefs via twitter. They then passed on the tweets to their artists for inspiration. Over 200 ‘briefs’ were received, and each artist chose their favorite brief to create their work. The art ranges in the media used and is currently on display at the 71A Gallery, with each brief prominently displayed.

This is a striking example of how ‘public art’ can layer digital and physical spaces, pushing the boundaries of creativity by relying on strangers for inspiration.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more pieces from the exhibit.

Handsome Frank


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