Mobile Payment App Lets Customers Pay Just By Saying Their Name [Future Of Retail]

Mobile Payment App Lets Customers Pay Just By Saying Their Name [Future Of Retail]

Square's Pay with Square uses geo-fencing capabilities to allow for a more streamlined, personalized check-out experience in store.

Allie Walker
  • 14 july 2012

Our latest Future Of Retail Report looks at the trend of Service With An Opt-In. One manifestation of this theme is credit card payment solution provider Square’s mobile payments application, Pay with Square, which gives customers an additional level of personalization and convenience.

By leveraging geo-fencing capabilities, consumers utilizing the app can identify merchants within 100 meters of their current location, view the store’s special offers, and choose to start a tab at a store. After users are finished shopping and go to pay, they can simply provide their name to a staff member, which prompts the merchant to pull up the customer’s picture and an appropriate tab to charge the customer’s Square account—all without the need for a physical wallet.

Pay with Square

A summary of PSFK’s Future of Retail report is available to view for free – and a download of the full 100 page document can be ordered today.

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