Disposable French Press Brews Coffee In Its Packaging [Video]

Disposable French Press Brews Coffee In Its Packaging [Video]
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The disposable beverage maker is convenient and eco-friendly.

Yi Chen
  • 17 july 2012

The Coffeebrewer is a disposable French press that lets you brew hot coffee straight from the packaging. Inside the bag is a filter with 26 grams of freshly ground specialty coffee. Consumers simply need to pour half a liter of hot water into the bag, and it would brew three cups of coffee within five to eight minutes.

The unique process is described to “enhance delicate flavors and finer aromas of the coffee, which otherwise can only be achieved by using a French press.” The Coffeebrewer is also environmentally friendly and uses eco-friendly materials. Watch the video below to see how the Coffeebrewer works.

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