Google Hosts An Online Orchestra In Its Web Browser

Google Hosts An Online Orchestra In Its Web Browser

Chrome Web Lab brings the interactive capabilities of the web to life in a a collaboration with the London Science Museum.

Plus Aziz
  • 16 july 2012


The Universal Orchestra Experiment, built by Google Creative Lab, can be played anywhere in the world at anytime. The experiment, which will be in London’s Science Museum, is a remarkable execution that uses a web browser to convey the physical and analog interfaces of eight unique instruments. The instruments can be played in real-time, collaboratively by multiple visitors long after the museum has shut its doors.

The installation is part of Chrome Web Lab. This is a year-long collaboration between Google and London’s Science Museum, seeking to bring the magic of the web to life in five experiments grounded in Chrome, Google’s Internet browser. Watch the video below for further detail and an idea of what the other four experiments entail.

Chrome Web Lab

All image copyrights to David Arky


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