Grass-Covered Table Lets Users Picnic Indoors

Grass-Covered Table Lets Users Picnic Indoors

This concept design covered in living grass lets people bring the outdoors to the dining room.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 16 july 2012

Have you ever wished you could hold a genuine picnic while enjoying indoor comforts? Design firm Haiko Cornelissen has created the perfect table to blend both the rural and urban landscapes together: PicNYC, a lightweight aluminum table covered in real, organic grass. Whether you are an advocate of green living or a simple picnic enthusiast, PicNYC transforms your usual eating routine  and lets you experience the great outdoors right at your tabletop. For instance, spilling of soups and drinks, usually unwelcome, are now helpful in nourishing the grass that grows on the table.

PicNYC allots enough table depth to serve as a planter bed for the grass, with soil and stones serving as foundations and drainage, respectively. Should you choose to take the planting experience further, you may also grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, or even other plants in the table’s plantbed. See more of PicNYC in the photos below:

Images by Haiko Cornelissen


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