IBM Launches Augmented Reality Shopping App

IBM Launches Augmented Reality Shopping App

Research scientists from the company have created a prototype that enables shoppers to scan products and see allergen info, recommendations, discounts, and more.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 july 2012

IBM research scientists have created a prototype app that adds augmented reality to the shopping experience, enabling shoppers to scan products in-store and view personalized information like allergen info, recommendations, and discounts on their mobile device.

Consumers download the app, register, and create a profile of features that are important to them, like ingredients that could trigger an allergy or whether packaging is biodegradable. Then, when they point their device’s camera at products in the aisles, the app instantly recognizes them and overlays details such as ingredients, price, reviews, and discounts using AR technology. Info from social networks can also be integrated into the information stream, showing friends’ reviews or comments about the products. Sima Nadler from IBM Research said:

In the age of social media, consumer expectations are soaring and people want information and advice about the products they’re going to buy. By closing the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience, marketers can appeal to the individual needs of consumers and keep them coming back.


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