Could You Identify Popular Logos Sans Color?

Could You Identify Popular Logos Sans Color?

The Brandseen app takes popular brand emblems and strips them of color, asking players to select the right shade from a color wheel before showing them how close they were.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 july 2012


New web app Brandseen is a “visual brand identification game” that strips popular logos like Coca Cola and McDonald’s of their color and asks players to choose the correct option from a color wheel. The short game tests your ability to recognize and reproduce logo colors to see which are easy to remember. After selecting the color you associate with each logo you’ll be scored out of 100 to show how close you were to the actual color and you can share your scores on Twitter.

Could You Identify Popular Logos Sans Color?

Brandseen was built during the 2012 Greylock Hackathon by Kevin Xu, Cathy Lee, and Ari Weinstein, and the team plans to implement some new levels soon.


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