Case Turns An iPhone Into A Pocket Stun Gun

Case Turns An iPhone Into A Pocket Stun Gun

A unique concept on Kickstarter is envisioned by its designers to be "the world's first smartphone defense case."

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 16 july 2012

Inventors Seth Froom and Sean Simone have created “Yellow Jacket,” a special exterior for the iPhone that turns it into a mobile stun gun that can emit as much as 650K volts, enough to take down a potential attacker. Adding 3/8 of an inch and about 4 ounces in the iPhone’s height and weight, respectively, the Yellow Jacket also doubles as an external battery that gives the iPhone an additional 20 hours of standby time

One major point of concern for the product is its safety, as the iPhone is foremost a smartphone and will be used in close proximity to the human face often. To keep the user free from any accidental shock, Froom and Simone have developed a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap to disable the shock electrodes and prevent accidental electrical discharge.

Upon reaching its initial fundraiser goal of $100,000 the Yellow Jacket will be available in three colors for $85 and in a family pack of four for $380. Yellow Jacket cases for Android devices such as the HTC Evo and Samsung Galaxy are now being developed as well. Learn more about the Yellow Jacket in the video below:

Images by Yellow Jacket

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