Kissing Robot Lets Users Smooch Their Lover Long Distance

Kissing Robot Lets Users Smooch Their Lover Long Distance

Being apart gets less difficult with the Kissenger, bots that send your kiss via silicone lips with transmitters.

Karen Baker
  • 25 july 2012

Technology comes to the rescue yet again for those in long-distance relationships.

With the introduction of Avocado last month and of Pair before that, there has been a wave of apps recently that make being apart easier to take, letting you share photos, texts, videos and more with your significant other. Professor Hooman Samani of the National University of Singapore’s project called “Kissenger” – short for “Kiss Messenger” – takes long distance relationships to the next level: physical.

Consisting of two piggy bank-like objects with oversized lips, when one person kisses the lips of their bot their significant other can feel the kiss by kissing their own bot. The silicone lips transmit the force and pressure of a person’s “kiss” to the other pair of silicone lips, sending the kiss’s sensation along.

Check out the video below to see how the technology works:

Similar to the thumbkiss mode in Pair, the Kissenger explores how technology could transmit more than information to bring devices – and relationships – to life.


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