Laptop Bag Unfolds Into A Workstation And Chair [Pics]

Laptop Bag Unfolds Into A Workstation And Chair [Pics]

Work anywhere comfortably with this hybrid briefcase and portable office furniture.

Yi Chen
  • 2 july 2012

San Francisco-based designers, Nick+Beau, have created the OpenAire, a hybrid of a laptop case and portable workstation. The briefcase quickly unfolds into a detachable chair and work desk that comfortable rests on the user’s lap. The portable workstation is ideal for people who need to work on the go, or simply office workers who want a change of scenery without sacrificing on comfort.

The company, Nick+Beau, is a collaboration between  two brothers, Nick and Beau Trincia. The designers explain that the OpenAire ”

complements the freedom of choice created by wireless network technology. By introducing a system that encourages spontaneity, we can shift the current ideology of the workplace from being stationary to being more fluid and mobile.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the interesting design:


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